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American Art (Caution: Art)

The National Museum of American Art is a bloody strange place to spend a wintry Tuesday. Guards outnumber visitors; the only way to overcome the feeling of being surrounded by bug-eyed monitors is to spend some quality time in the Lunder Conservation Center, a means of performing your own bug-eyed gawping at conservators as they work (or, in our case, as they check their E-mail and politely interrogate us about the efficacy of their enthusiastic explanatory videos)…


The Mall at Night

The Mall at Night

Since blogs are all about fresh content, I figured you’d all like to see a photograph from December of 2005. This is the National Mall at 8PM, a rather different creature from the sunny, tourist-thronged turf that we all know and presumably love. (The perpetual construction of barricades should be familiar to Washington residents, though.)

It snowed today

and has continued dribbling.



and then, halfway back home, a Metrorail train exploded in Gallery Place!



Gallery Place, somewhere around 6:15-6:30, a Red Line train towards Shady Grove had some trouble with the onboard lights; after pulling into the station and opening the doors, a loud “BANG!” was heard, and smoke began billowing from the undercarriage of the second car of the train. Unfazed, Metrorail personnel inspected the train, directed everyone to re-board it, and sent the train along inside of ten minutes.

O, glorious day! O rapture unforeseen!

South of DuPont Circle

South of DuPont


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I’m a freshly graduated photojournalist, entering a profession charitably described as “changing.”

You can expect to find photographs, curios, wimbly musings, and angst herein.

The first batch is found above, in a tableau from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I hope you like it.