Master Auto Panda, Inc.

There is a point on the Hempstead line of the Long Island Railroad, after the Queens Village and Hollis stations have rolled past, long after you have been rocked into heavy-liddedness by the ticket-snicketing and the shuddering of the train as it grumbles through switches and suburbs; a point where, it is said, if you look blearily out the window of the coach at precisely the right moment, you, too, might spy the long-rumored Master Auto Panda, Inc., your wonderment bounded only by the tired inevitability of the train’s continued trundling into Jamaica Station.

Others will champion the cavernous garbage-sorting facility, filled with harsh light and lurching begloved shadows at all times of night, as the most notable portion of the trip; or the shellacked Model T atop a rival auto shop, later in the ride; and these are worthy curios, I confess. But they know not the Master Panda.


One response to “Master Auto Panda, Inc.

  1. Nice to see you writing good stuff w/ your photos lately. Stop by for a beer sometime in the near future!

    Happy Valentines Day JerkFace!!

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