On Peace

Mother Teresa: (from the ever-authoritative Wikipedia)

When Mother Teresa received the [Nobel Peace Prize], she was asked, “What can we do to promote world peace?” Her answer was “Go home and love your family.”

Also, amusingly,

During the filming of the documentary, footage taken in poor lighting conditions, particularly the Home for the Dying, was thought unlikely to be of usable quality by the crew. After returning from India, however, the footage was found to be extremely well lit. Muggeridge claimed this was a miracle of “divine light” from Mother Teresa herself. Others in the crew thought it more likely due to a new type of Kodak film.


3 responses to “On Peace

  1. But did the film show a halo around her head? ;-)

  2. actually, it was proven to be something with the film. christopher hitchens (who wrote a scathing book on religion) pointed it out in his book, “mother theresa: the missionary position.” mother theresa wasn’t the saint that we’ve made her out to be.
    though i do mostly agree with the above quote on loving one’s family. i also think just simple kindness and manners toward other people has an effect to.

  3. I think you missed the last sentence.

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