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If there’s one piece of advice I can give you, it’s “Keep strange company”

The stuff of greasy BBQ legend


Crema Click to enlarge. Copyright 2007 Chris Combs.

some people are deeply concerned about crema

The violation of a coconut

Visiting Adelphi University, I found myself in possession of a $.99 coconut, courtesy of an enthusiastic and didactic produce stocker at Pathmark. Luckily, primitive tools were available:

Opening a coconut with a hammer turned out to be a risky proposition. After a few thwacks, it was suggested that the claw end of the hammer might be more effective at cleaving its hairy skull; this approach resulted in one (1) hammer claw whizzing past some faces. The head of the hammer ended up being most effective; I’d wager that the residents below our room were less than grateful.

So, coconut chunks; how to eat; we ended up gnawing at the pieces like very large, television-loving woodland creatures. Turns out that the (very hard) flesh of the coconut is immediately surrounded by a paper-thin layer of earthy, fibrous stuff, which gave the coconut meat a nuttier flavor than any of us expected.

And, having picked out a juicy one – thanks to our helpful stocker friend – we were left with, well, coconut juice. (“Milk,” optimistically; it was incredibly mild and watery.) What better to do than guzzle coconut milk from the half-shell? (thirty-secondth-shell?)

An aside

Cheddar gorge (The Hunts Post)

A FOOD phobia has left a Wyton man unable to eat anything apart from mild Cheddar cheese ever since he was a toddler.

Dave Nunley, 29, eats about 16st of Cheddar, preferably grated, each year and has never consumed a hot meal in his life – not even hot cheese.

After talking with experts on a BBC television programme, Dave can now eat an occasional bowl of Ready Brek or a bag of salt and vinegar crisps.

(via The Food Section)