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A man and his shrink-wrapped cucumbers are soon parted

Nothing like a little near-freezing torrential downpour to warm the cockles. Here’s Fairfax undersea:

Balloons Click to enlarge. Copyright 2007 Chris Combs.
Orange Line
Orange Line Click to enlarge. Copyright 2007 Chris Combs.

It snowed today

and has continued dribbling.



and then, halfway back home, a Metrorail train exploded in Gallery Place!



Gallery Place, somewhere around 6:15-6:30, a Red Line train towards Shady Grove had some trouble with the onboard lights; after pulling into the station and opening the doors, a loud “BANG!” was heard, and smoke began billowing from the undercarriage of the second car of the train. Unfazed, Metrorail personnel inspected the train, directed everyone to re-board it, and sent the train along inside of ten minutes.

O, glorious day! O rapture unforeseen!