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Make AP Images photo captions readable with Greasemonkey


Afraid I find the new AP Images site unreadable. So, being a touch nerdy, I started tinkering with Greasemonkey.

Download “Make AP Text Readable” here.

This requires Firefox and Greasemonkey. You can turn it on and off anytime by clicking the monkey face in your status bar, or in Greasemonkey’s preferences.





Photoshop CS3 and Save for Web

A lot of hot air has been vented about how Photoshop CS3’s “Save for Web” makes everything look like Technicolor candy. Turned out in my case that it had imported the CS2 color settings… and added one:

This is after clicking More Options in Color Settings

What the hell, and why?? “Desaturate monitor colors” by 21% of my dead body!

Same problem? Color Settings, click More Options, gonuts.

Sorry about the nuclear-colored Express these last few days! Computers rock! (And blogs do too. I forgot that for a while. Hello again!)

Annals of Archiving: DVD flavors

So you’ve been wondering while you’re backing up your photographs (ha!) which kind of DVDs you should really be feeding your PowerBook…

Thanks to an entry in the blog “Ad Terras Per Aspera”, I learned more than science considered possible to know about blank DVDs. My disc-fountain overfloweth.

In essence – DVD+R is better than DVD-R:

DVD+R uses a superior ‘wobble’ laser tracking system, a far better error correction method, and the media quality itself is typically higher.

unless you’re burning video DVDs for playback in your parents’ DVD player, which is a mildly stinkier kettle of fish. (Wobble laser tracking system. I’d like one Wobble Laser to go, please.)

DVD+RW or DVD-RW both tend to let your data quietly decay away.

Dual layer (DVD+R DL) ain’t worth buying.

And the brand “Taiyo Yuden” is apparently worth hunting down, though I have to confess I’m gonna stick with burning two cheap discs instead.

This is all assuming that your burner enjoys all flavors of DVDs, which some old ones don’t.