It is hard to find a picture of Madonna looking sad!


2 responses to “Madonna

  1. 1. poor girl, she certainly does look subdued if not outright miserable
    2. hmm, she’s much prettier without the usual heavy makeup
    3. gadzooks! she has forearms like Keith Richards’
    4. her handbag (or is it a weekender) looks even heavier than mine
    5. that’s a heck of an ’80s dress she wore to Cannes
    6. ahh, the tribulations of a photo editor …

  2. I would too if I had the same amount of fame and fortune… mmhhh let me see ( dreaming) “PMS, I shall go to my island resort and deep my toes in the white sand while my half dosen babysitters watch the kids!” mmhhh oh yeah I am smilling!

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